Roland's Family!

On Roland's birthday he reached out on the blog and requested help finding his long lost family. Thanks to the power of the internet, many were found and reunited! There are more out there, so if YOU spot any, be sure to alert us here at:
Here are the relatives we have discovered so far! 

 Toastee McBaconpuss from Yummy Pancake
 Peroni from Boom!Plush

George, Dominic, and Pepe, from The Craft Project
 Brickland from Carvin Sculptures
 Rolando from Hillyhill
 Rolo from Bob's Imagination
 Roro from A-Chan Creations, also here!

 Floyd from The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Buy pattern here!
 Granmonster Gladys from Sunny Plum
 Jitterbug from Alyshells Craft Shack
 Trey from Green Elevator
 Big Blue from abbydid

Monster Friends! See them all in the older posts!