About Us

Welcome to ionlylikemonsters, where we pride ourselves on searching out and posting the finest creatures for your home and workplace. Five days a week, we post a new creature for your perusal, with a link to where said monster can be obtained.

We go to great lengths to find only the most wonderful creatures who want to come and live with you, and who we feel certain will bring joy (and mischief) to your life! In fact, you might think of us as your personal shopper for monsters, your personal monster shopper, or in Roland's case, your personal shopping monster!

Now, having said that, it is disclaimer time, here goes:

1. Monsters/creatures are mischievous critters and do tend to get into/create trouble, this propensity increases with the number of monsters, and the number of hours left alone, not to mention the amount of unlocked alcohol left about! We make no guarantees or warranties regarding their behavior but we would love to post pictures of the festivities, as we here at ionlylikemonsters believe that the joy of these monsters greatly outweighs the trouble they stir up! So please send your pictures to us@ionlylikemonsters.com

2. Roland the fingermonster determines who and what is considered a monster/creature, and therefore appropriate for this site. There is really no point in arguing with him.

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