Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roland's Family Reunion Week!

Welcome back! Today I'm pleased to present to you, Rolo the Extra Large Roland Brother, who was found by Bob at Bob's Imagination! He was running around teasing all the other creatures there, so Bob was easily convinced to send him on over to us.

Now, to put this in perspective, You have to realize that Roland himself is just a little smaller than Rolo's hand! Needless to say, Roland was thrilled to find his big brother at last! (What he did not know at the time, was that there were even bigger relatives on the way!) BUT, it wasn't just Rolo's size that amazed Roland. He was also particularly impressed by his big bother's eyes, which GLOW IN THE DARK! Unfortunately, Roland immediately thought of several "games" where this would be of great use to him, and sleeping here hasn't been the same since. *sigh* The things we put up with for a happy monster...

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