Monday, April 4, 2011

Roland's Family Reunion!

You may remember a while back, Roland put a call out on the blog to help him find his long lost family. People responded from far and wide and this week it all comes to fruition! It's Roland's Family Reunion!

I am going to spend the week(s) introducing you to the family members that have been found, while Scatterbrian takes pictures of all their shenanigans!

Now, after much thought, I have decided to simply present the family in the order they arrived at my house! So here goes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thrilled to present to you the very first family members to arrive here at World Monster Domination Headquarters (aka Casa de Rolando) Roland's long lost brothers George, Dominic, and Pepe! These guys were found at The Craft Project , hiding in the paper, needle felting, and clay drawers! Our hero, Amber (Craftchick) corralled them all and sent them here to meet their brother! Hooray! Much joy and celebration! Many thanks to Craftchick, for starting the reunion Roland, I mean rolling, (or actually, BOTH! Woohoo!) and don't forget to come back tomorrow to meet some more of the family and share in Roland's joy!

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