Monday, December 2, 2013

Roland Relative Found at Planet Odd!

Well Christmas came early this year for sure! A couple weeks ago our friends at Planet Odd contacted me and said they may have a line on one of Roland's long lost brothers. I was so thrilled it was hard to keep quiet about it around Roland, but I wanted to be sure before I got him all excited (you know how he gets!) I figured  maybe a DNA test would be necessary to be certain, but once I laid eyes on him I knew! I mean, look at how incredibly handsome he is! I was going to wait until Christmas to surprise Roland, but Mortimer here wouldn't have it (apparently it's not just good looks in that gene pool!) and the reunion was arranged ASAP! It was beautiful, with lots of jumping around and arm waving, as you can imagine! What a wonderful holiday Roland and his family will have now, thanks to the amazing Planet Odd!

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