Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grey Catmonster Celebration Continues!

We found so many great catmonsters that we felt we had no choice but to continue, and this awesome crew will definitely keep the party going! Our first friendly feline comes to us from from Felttess (check out their philosopher cat as well!) Next up, Bunny With A Toolbelt's vision in grey, and f
rom Plush Pussycat, a plush pussycat! From my beloved 3 Crows, a collection of dog and catmonsters, and from Big Hairy Bugs and Other Things a long, sweater wearing catmonster! Now that's what I call a good time! Will there be more tomorrow? Check back to find out!


  1. Hello! Thank you for featuring my recycled wool plush tomcat in your list. I'm very flattered. Tomcat is very tender and has a girlfriend named Plushpussycat. Why do I say he is tender? You should see him with a bouquet of flowers in his paw! ;-)


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