Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grey Catmonster Celebration!

Get ready for more half finished posts to start showing up! We here at iolm just adopted a little grey Catmonster, and he has already found his way to the blog writing spot. Our black Catmonster just recently got over his keyboard walking habit, but his new protege has already taken up the cause and (impressively!) posted twice in one morning! To celebrate, Roland and I have scoured the interwebs to bring you this fabulous Grey Catmonster Cornucopia! We hope you enjoy it!

Circus catmonster is from Cart Before The Horse, catmonster head hug is from Mommy's Midwest Mountain Folk Art by Cris, robot with grey catmonsters is from Best Art Studios , evil skull catmonster is from Zeropumpkin Studios and grey amigurumi catmonster is from Seventy Two Stitches. Go check out the shops to see all their wonderful non-greycatmonster creations too!


  1. Cool!
    Thanks for shining the spotlight on our Seiko kitty :)

  2. Thank so much for including my gray cat hat on your wonderful blog!


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