Friday, June 17, 2011

Grey Catmonster Celebration, The Finale!!

First of all, thank you for joining me on this exercise in sublimation, whereby I turn my aggressive need to show everyone in the world pictures of my new kitten, into a more socially acceptable action! I really appreciate the help (and so does everyone I plan to come in contact with!) So thank you again, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my defense mechanism!

First up for your viewing and purchasing pleasure, a stupendously magnificent catmonster from Paper Moon Gallery! Nextly (new word!) you can put your crochet skills to the test with Xmoonbloom's and Sofia Sobeide's catmonster patterns or wear your catmonster around with this tee from Zombie Couture. Finally, you can curl up and purr while you admire Fing's little grey catmonster!

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  1. So many cute and fun cats! Thank you for including my pattern :)


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