Monday, June 17, 2013

Sock Monster Stories!

Sock Doll Stories has a new monster up for adoption and he is handsome indeed! Here are all his details: "Born on New Year’s Eve, Phinneas – or Finn – is the walking definition of a “party animal”. He’s always up for a good time, which for him means anything involving friends, food (preferably BBQ) and terrible puns.

Finn also welcomes any opportunity to dance. He loves the way his ears flop around when he moves with the music, so be sure to leave him plenty of room on the dance floor. And of course offering him a nice cold beer (root or otherwise) after his performances is always appreciated.
Phinneas Funster is eager for adoption into a new and loving family! He'll do best in a home where no humans (or animals) are prone to chewing on or tugging hard at his small monster parts."

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