Friday, June 14, 2013

Mug Monsters!

 I don't know about you, but I take my lunch and dinner to work every day. Every day, in a boring black insulated bag I picked up somewhere. BUT NO MORE!! Now that I have discovered Mug Monsters, I can bring my food to work in a mason jar (I have plenty!) tucked in a pal to keep me company! Here, I will let Mug Monsters explain it all...

"MUG MONSTERS are adorable handmade creatures, lushly quilted and designed to insulate a tempered mason jar, with sizes and styles available for all ages. They keep your soup, tea, smoothie, or cider hot/cold for up to 5 hours, and are lovingly created from almost all upcycled and recycled materials.

The Mug'ster provides a top handle for ease of carry, a secret interior pocket (spacious enough to hold money, ID, cards, chapstick, and other small necessities), and 2 o-rings for clipping your keys, mp3 player, a flashlight, or adding a shoulder strap.

Mug Monsters can accommodate many other beverage containers that are on the market, not just the jar. Your favorite water bottle, coffee thermos, etc, might just fit! Take your Mug Monster with you to your favorite coffee shop, and reduce your daily waste. Pour your bubbling hot soup or chili straight into your jar, and have a hot lunch hours later! Sneak your own drink into theaters, amusement parks, or shows. You can also choose to leave out drink containers completely, and use your Mug Monster as an eye-catching shoulder bag.

 You can also "Build a Mug Monster" on my website (, choosing all fabrics, eye color, number of eyes, zipper color, etc. You can even add special features to your Mug Monster, such as horns, hair, clothing, limbs, ears, scales, tails, tentacles, wings, and much more. Or you can purchase a gift certificate for a loved one, so they can have the joy of building their own!"

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