Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Robot Gorilla Heart Creature!

Instead of going on and on like I usually do, about why I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but how much I love the V-day plush, I think I will just let Robot Gorilla tell you about their awesome creature:

 "This is Zeke! You know those flying hearts people say they see sometimes, when they fall in love? That's Zeke's species. Except...well. There's been a bit of an accident. One day, Zeke was trying to make a particularly angry wrestler fall in love with his personal trainer, when he was crushed under a dumbbell! Luckily, his best friend at the time was the mad scientist Hilda Hilgen burger frankfurtstein, who carefully stitched him back together and brought him back to life with the power of a lightening bolt! He's as good as new...almost. And his skills at inspiring romance are even more electric now! Pun intended.  Maybe he'll help to attract the ghoul of your dreams!"

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