Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mr Fox Patterns!

If you have been playing along at home, you know that I try not to just post the shop's description of the creature, since I assume you can go read that yourself. HOWEVER, sometimes the description is so awesome that I cannot let you miss out, in case you don't have the time to click over! This is one of those times, so enjoy! Mr Fox Amigurumi Toy Crochet Patterns by Maffers sez:

"The Onklid (Latin Pan Quercus) is a highly elusive primate, known for representing a one-member ecosystem. The Onklid harvests the ripe, juicy fruits that grow from its head and as such lives completely independently of all other species. Many people have tried to harvest the fruits for themselves, believing that their consumption provides infinite wisdom. However, the Onklid is highly defensive and can exhibit extraordinary power and strength when required. There are, however, methods of obtaining the fruits; it is rumoured that all Onklids will allow a person to take a basket of fruit in return for a six-pack of Special Brew."

See what I mean? You really should take the time to read them all the creatures' descriptions! I promise you won't regret it!

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