Tuesday, March 15, 2011

THem DoLLz Monsters!

As you know, Roland and I do not have the exact same taste in monster friends, and there are many creatures that I love, that make him a bit nervous (sock creatures, Fugglers, anything that looks like a person... ) So, while Roland is busy writing his speech for International Monster's Day I thought I'd sneak in some creatures that I have been wanting to post: the spectacular, THem DoLLz! Just to be on the safe side though, I'm only posting the ones that don't look like people ( go to THem DoLLz to see the rest!) since there is no way I want an upset Roland on my hands! A happy Roland is challenging enough...


  1. hi there from me (little black heart/one quarter of the team (ahem) behind international monsters day) - i just wanted to say how much i CANNOT WAIT to hear rolands speech! i plan on settling down with a nice cup of tea and a huge slice of cake while i listen to it. unless of course for some reason it's NOT broadcast live on television - but surely this won't be the case!
    and, thank you for supporting our cause!


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