Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More BunnyMonsters!

As you know, we here at IOLM take our public service very seriously! Not only are we part of the national Zombie Alert Network (ZAN) but we also work diligently to keep you appraised regarding the impending Bunnymonster Apocalypse. To that end we have another Bunnymonster sighting to report, this time at Usagi Rabbit.

The first Bunnymonster that was brought to our attention was the Usagi from the Black Lagoon (Picture # 1 in your handout). This frightening creature is known to associate with the Usagi bride of Frankenstein (#2) as well as known members of the Skull Bunny gang (#3 and #4).

The most dangerous of all the Bunnymonsters in this alert is the incredibly devious BunnyClownMonster! This bunny has been known to steal hearts, lowering your defenses, and thus paving the way for the Bunnymonsters to inundate your home! Watch out! Remember, our best chance is to befriend the bunnymonsters but to STAY ALERT to their dangerous nature. Remember they are still wild animals and can never truly be tamed!

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