Monday, June 15, 2015

Silberknoepfchen Creature!

The creatures Silberknoepfchen just keep getting better and better! This particular guy is called a Naashaas! The shop has a description of his personality, but since I don't speak German and the translation I had was terrible, I was worried that you wouldn't get to know enough about him. But then I saw them, the three important words that told me everything, and I knew that this was really all the information you'd need: "frolic, hiding and nonsense!"  Wow! The three word description of a perfect friend! Done!


  1. Wooow. so super sweet :D thank you for the Feature <3

    and if the translations are that bad i really have to make my shop available in english too...:/ actually i already got the english descriptions. but only on deviantart.

    "A Naashaas is usually a very joyful explorer. Brace yourself for the fact that it will scout your whole apartment for the best places to play and cavort, for hiding and making nonsense. It likes to jump down from high things and hops around on beds.
    If you ever leave him alone, prepare yourself that you will not recognize your room after that. This little rascal turns everything on its head whatever comes between the major arms.
    Destroying handkerchief packs and tearing them into tiny confetti snippets ,to let them trickle upon your head when you arrive, is one of his favorite pastimes.

    Size / Dimensions / Weight:
    Width: 43cm
    Height: 22cm

    Materials used:
    safety eyes"

  2. That description is wonderful! Now I love him even more!


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