Friday, October 3, 2014

Lalylala Creatures!

These beautiful creatures can be crocheted by you from Lalylala's patterns and then given to the luckiest person, or kept for yourself! I absolutely love them all, but I wanted to post Lupo the Lamb's story because it is my favorite! So here you go: 

"He doesn't look like it, but actually Lupo is a wolf! OK - a wolf in sheep's clothing and this is what happened: When Lupo was a puppy, he had a great passion for hand-knitted sheep wool socks. One night he tried to shave a sleeping sheep on the meadow to raise some wool for extra socks. The frightened sheep bit Lupo by accident and since then every full moon he turns into a lamb. As time went by he realized that he so much more preferred to be a sheep than a wolf (because his fur is so much softer than the shaggy wolf fur and he had decided to become a vegetarian anyway). So he took the decision to knit himself a cozy lamb costume from his own full moon sheep wool and live his life as a sheep from now on. Every full moon he takes the chance to shear his fur and to knit his costume in the phase until next full moon. Unfortunately, when he's a weresheep he tended to unravel his
knitting, so it took a very long time until Lupo the wolf became Lupo the sheep."

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