Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tanuki Creatures!

Goood morning class! Today Pwyllo's Nest is going to teach us about Tanukis! There will be a test, so pay attention!

"What is a tanuki?

Tanukis are medium-sized Asian mammals that resemble raccoons. They are sometimes called badgers, though they're officially known as raccoon dogs. There are many myths and fables about tanukis, particularly in Japan. The Japanese tanuki was known as a shape-shifter, often using a leaf on it's head to change shape and trick people. Most tanukis masqueraded as pots, pans, or sometimes even Buddhist monks!

This little tanuki promises not to cause too much mischief. You'll have to keep him well supplied with marshmallows and hard-boiled eggs, though, or he might wreak havoc in your kitchen! Also, please refrain from putting any leaves on top this little guy's head, as a transformed tanuki can look like just about any object in your house, making them impossible to find when you need to. (Did I mention they have an excellent sense of smell and WILL find your hidden stash of cookies, chocolate, etc. in a matter of seconds once left unsupervised?) "

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