Monday, November 4, 2013

Alp Creature!

In my work here at iolm, I run into many tireless researchers and caretakers of monster species, as well as brilliant curators of monster history and lore. Yetis and Friends at The Item Shop are one of the groups I count on to keep me up to date, so I popped over to see what was new and boy was I impressed! Just look at this amazing beast! Here is all the information they have discovered so far:

"Genus: Alp
Region: Deep Forest
Diet : Blood, Sweat, Tears
Frequency: Rare
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Alps have a nasty habit of sitting on adventurer's chest while they sleep and watching them drool. This would be fine, except the Alp has issues with salivation, and has been known to leave massive pools of sticky drool behind."

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