Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Dolls for Friends has always had great creatures to choose from, but my current obsession is Squeaks Monahan here, he just does it for me. I think once you read the shop's description you will see why!

"Squeaks doesn't talk. He prefers to sit in the corner, watching. Watching. Watching. At night he sleeps (we think), with his eyes open. Early mornings are his paddle ball practice time, and then the watching again. Dinner comes, and he brings out his personal silverware, plate and cup. He dines on cat kibble, orange juice and one slice of swiss cheese nightly. Why? Who knows. It's the watching that's killing us.
We aren't even sure how long he has been here. We think he has always been here, watching us from that darn corner. Ugh, there he is now plate in hand waiting for his kibble and cheese. I best be off to the kitchen. By the way, Squeaks is up for adoption keep him in mind will ya?"

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness... I want him just so I can feel that creepy feeling of being watched by him. hehehehe....
    But I want to sit and creep him out have a stareing contest. I bet I could win.... ok well it is worth a try.

    Is he still up for adoption?


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