Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nonesuch Garden Sproutlings!

New creatures from Nonesuch Garden! Here are all the details:

"Sproutlings are anthropomorphic seed-like creatures with a woolly seed pod that they wear as clothing. Their pointed fingers and toes act like roots, drawing nutrition from soil. They can eat food to supplement their diets which allows them to be highly mobile and survive in many different environments. They are largely vegetarian, but will also eat insects. They have bright, reflective eyes that allow them to see well in the dark. In the wild, Sproutlings dig burrows to live in with their long arms and claw-like hands.

Urban development has pushed a lot of Sproutlings out of their native forest homes, but many have adapted to living in gardens where the soil is packed with nutrients. Not only is having a Sproutling in your garden considered good luck, they keep pests under control and care for the plants. It is customary to leave out sweets or milk for Sproutlings as an offering in exchange for a healthy and beautiful garden.

Sproutlings can understand human speech, but cannot speak it. They can vocalize in small peeps and whistles, but often prefer to listen with their large ears. While Sproutlings all look generally the same, you can tell males from females pretty easily. Males have pointed ears that tend to stick up or out and females have rounded ears that tend to hang down.

Spoutlings make excellent companions and do well indoors if they are well tended to. Just be sure to supply them with a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, and whole grains and allow them to play in your garden from time to time. They are communal creatures, so getting your Sproutling a friend is highly recommended."

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