Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tomo Island Turnip Thief!

I realize that we were just at Tomodachi Island visiting their Buggle Yetis, but this Turnip Thief was just too wonderful not to post immediately!  I'm afraid I can't do him justice, so I will let them tell you all about him:

"This is the Turnip Thief, a common pest of Tomodachi Island. It is hard to believe that something this cute can be called a pest. This little creature spend all its life stealing turnips from the Yeti Folk of Tomodachi Island.
They burrow under ground and rarely emerges to the surface. They build amazing tunnel systems with the help of their unicorn like horn. This horn works like a drill and is extremely strong, it can even drill through stone.
So the Turnip Thief might be a small and innocent looking creature, but for its size it is extremely strong and the Yeti Folk have no way of protecting their turnip harvests from these little critters."

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