Monday, May 20, 2013

McBride House Chimera!

This fantastical creature comes to us from McBride House, and there is no better description than theirs, so here you go:

"Born in another time, another place, very much unlike ours, is a land of mystical creatures where my newest companion is from. No one really knows where or when this mystical land is but every so often one of the gentle creatures manipulates the space time continuum and slips into our reality. This little guy is just one of those creatures that I found roaming about my attic one night. He, despite appearances, is a very soft and gentle soul who seems desperately lost. He is saddened by his sudden disappearance from his land and has thoroughly explored his newest kingdom, my humble abode, and is seeking further adventures. I still haven't figured out his exact origins but I do know he is a chimera, a mythical animal with parts taken from various animals. So far I've detected a griffin (furry talon feet and legs), a gargoyle (spikes on his back and over all grey stone like appearance), a lion (that head of hair and chest hair), a bird (wings but these could be part of a griffin or gargoyle) and human (his eyes reflect so much sadness and wisdom). I'm not sure where his ears or horns come from or his sleek lean body but I expect there is dragon in there too. For now he is happy learning the ways of this new land and teaching my gargoyles and dragons all sorts of new tricks while he waits for his new home."

*Special thanks to Hillyhill for turning us on to him!


  1. My little Chimera is just buzzing with excitement over his feature! Thank you so much for including him!


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