Friday, February 8, 2013

Monsters That Pay It Forward!

Oh the pain!! Not unlike the Grinch, my heart is small and wizened and black as coal, but while reading about A Monster To Love and the good work they do, I think my heart grew "three sizes that day" and man, did it hurt! Here, you read it and see if you can resist the loveliness!

"Whenever you buy a monster from A Monster To Love, we donate a monster to a child who could really use a monster to love! So when you buy Val we are donating her small pink friend in the photo to Realities for Children. You can learn more about them on their site: Realitiesforchildren
Here is what Jennifer Varner had to say about the monsters we have donated to them in the past:

"Many of our children have been ripped from their home with no notice, no explanation and no comfort. When we first saw the Monsters, we knew they were the perfect gift for our children, not only do they give the child something to hold on to during a time of uncertainty, but the Monsters light the imagination inside of them, empowering them, if only for a moment, to feel like a child again."


"This sweet plush monster is part of A Monster To Love's Refugee Program, so when you buy one of these we give a newly arrived refugee child a monster to love!

Here is what Melinda McKendrick from World Relief Atlanta has to say about the program:

"Refugee children newly arrived in the United States face a daunting transition. And the majority have few, if any, personal possessions like the toys or stuffed animals​ that help comfort many other kids through times of fear and confusion. So the gift of a Monster not only brings that joy that a toy universally brings to a child, it also gives these special kids another building block of the foundation of comfort and normalcy on which every refugee child brings to build his new home."

Um, I think we all know what to do guys... So, as fellow monster lovers, let's get on it!


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    1. *these, got so excited by how cute they are I couldn't type!

  2. Hey Thanks for the post! We really appreciate the support! GO MONSTERS! Ben, Sam and Ray


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