Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lil' Black Cloud Creatures!

This magnificent lil' monster comes to us from Lil' Black Cloud! He is not only extremely good looking, he also serves a VERY useful function! Here, I'll let Lil' Black Cloud tell you all about it:

"MonJuju! is a big eater. Fortunately for the wearer MonJuju! is an unhealthy eater. He eats bad juju, evil-eye stares, bad thoughts and wishes. MonJuju! eats these things up and says Nom Nom! His favorite treats are fear and self-doubt. Anytime you don't think you're good enough or feel like kicking yourself MonJuju! eats those thoughts and they disappear as if they never existed. Not all monsters are scary and wear frowns. MonJuju! is a happy, sweet, gentle sort of monster who's always willing to lend you a hand, or a horn! "

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