Monday, August 6, 2012

MadKnits Kickstarter!

We here at iolm love MadKnits monsters, so when we heard about their Kickstarter we jumped on board immediately, and wanted to give you a chance to do the same. Here is what it's all about:

"The monsters of MadKnits have crashed their spaceship into the North Pole and are unable to make the repairs nessissary to get off of the planet. They hatched a plan to spread to all four corners of the Earth to learn all they can about the world and to gather the knowledge and technology they need to fix their ship. They have expertly blended into the world around us, taking on jobs and hiding in the wild. They've only now decided to share their existence with humans and bring their story to the world.
What we need:

The monsters have determined that the most exciting way to tell their story is with their very first comic book! They have enlisted me (a human!) to create and fund their project. But I can't do it alone, that's where you come in . . .

We already have the first few pages drawn up and are working with an amazing illustrator to document the origin story and adventures of the MadKnits monsters.

We need your help to get the comic finished and published and into your hands! Any extra funds will be used to help up production of our plush line of monsters and get us ready for New York ComicCon where we will be releasing the comic.

Back our project and get awesome MadKnits swag---the more you give the more you get!

$5: Gets you a sweet sticker pack. Never before have we made MadKnits stickers, so you will be among the very first to be able to cover your laptops, i-phones and friends with MadKnits vinyl stickers!

$10: You will receive a signed copy of the very first MadKnits comic book. Not only will you get to discover the MadKnits universe you will also get the sticker pack!

$25: You will find yourself the proud new owner of a hand-cast, hand-painted mini resin toy of Zeb the Shepard. And you can read all about Zeb in your new signed comic book.

$50: This is a good one. At $50 you will be getting a limited release Kickstarter monster, Orin the sea monster, along with an awesome limited edition print of Orin with his origin story. Plus the new comic book.

$100: Back us with $100 and you will find yourself the proud new owner of everything above! Stickers, a comic book, plush monster, resin monster, and print will all be coming your way!

$200: We'll be sending you everything plus a one of a kind plush monster. And who doesn't need two new MadKnits monsters to read their comic book to?"

Time is running out, so now that you've got the scoop, make sure you head on over to the MadKnits Kickstarter ASAP!

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