Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cthulhu Week (Part II)

Since anything I have to say about dice bags will just get me into trouble with my D&D loving friends, I'm going to let Bonsai Victor from Gomezvi handle this one for me!

" I love Cthulhu! I've created a unique, hand made felt dice bag inspired by the extreme horror that is Cthulhu. But be warned, the very knowledge of the existence of Cthulhu is enough to make men mad. The madness has already begun, for I forgot to include wings. Oh the horror!

Painstakingly hand crafted and hand made by me from felt, fluff, and the biggest safety eyes I could find! Check out that stitching. Totally hand stitched using contrasting black thread to highlight the sheer amount stitching that went in to create this bag. No sewing machine was used, all 100% hand stitched.

This particular Octopus (Cthulhu) Dice Bag was created with a larger inside bag and less fluff. Although this one is the same size as my more fluffy octopus dice bag, it will hold more. How much it will hold, I don't know."

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