Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CreturFetur Creatures!

I am so mesmerized by this Alebrije from Cretur Fetur, that I can't even write, so I'll let Cretur Fetur tell you the details:

"This alebrije comes from a tradition of folk art sculptures from Central Mexico done in wood or paper maché, depicting nightmare creatures. Maruja herself, however, is made entirely of wool, and has a design that combines traditional color schemes with a modern kind of stylization.

Boisterous and confident, Maruja tends to cause embarrassing situations at parties due to her overly loud demeanor. If you keep her away from alcohol, you should have no problem.

Despite appearances, she's not a high-maintenance creature. She's a "get up in the morning, shower, and go" kinda gal. If she gets dusty under your care, you need only dust her off lightly. If she dumps wine all over herself, you should promptly remove her from the party and dunk her in tepid water with a little wool-friendly cleansing soak. Let dry in a natural pose for a day or so and she should be just fine, aside from the hangover.

Maruja and her escapades are not appropriate for small children who may swallow her eyes. Nobody would win in this scenario."

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