Friday, November 11, 2011

Papercut Monsters!

These stunning creatures were found at Papercut Monsters. I am completely enamored with them, aren't you? Here are the details:
"Papercut Monsters are more than just a typical plush toy. They are Art prints that can be enjoyed in a whole new way. Papercut Monsters are excellent conversation pieces that help foster curiosity and creativity. These beasties are cute, quirky and sometimes a little coy. Each Papercut Monster:
Starts out its life as a paper collage before becoming a unique fabric friend. Has a rich visual texture thanks to the handmade illustrations of designer Joel Kadziolka. Is specially printed directly on linen-cotton canvas; no iron-ons. (Unlike fleece, which pills and loses its softness over time, this fabric only becomes softer.)
• Uses eco-friendly inks and printing processes
• Is stuffed with all new polyester.
• Stands about 16.5" tall and loves making new friends.
• Makes an excellent stuffed toy for even the most rambunctious children.
• Functions as an excellent home/office d├ęcor accent for children-at-heart.
• Is part of limited edition"

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