Friday, August 12, 2011

Puca Sasquatch!

I just discovered this amazing new species of Sasquatch at Puca Curios! I would describe them myself, but the instructions are VERY complicated and important
, so I think I will leave it to the experts at Puca Curios :

"Deep in the back woods of Canada and the Northern United States there lives a rare race of Puca Sasquatches. We all know that everyone has a cousin's uncle's brother's friend who has seen a regular sized Sasquatches traipsing through some remote mountain man camp (they are quite attracted by the smells of baked beans and Old Spice Cologne) but Puca Sasquatches are quite another story. Puca Sasqutches are only about 9 inches tall and are quick on their tiny little feet. If you are lucky enough to spot one in the wild keep your distance and stay hidden for they have been know to be quite ferocious. If a Puca Sasquatch spots you quickly make every sudden movement you can think of (running man, funky chicken, fist pumps, triple toe-loop axles, grande juté). Do not be alarmed when the Puca Sasquatch then approaches you. When the little squirt gets within reach scoop the little bugger up into your arms and hug the dickens out of him! Seriously, squeeze him till his eyes bulge and his tongue hangs out. Now this part is very important: After this contact you may never stop hugging this Puca Sasquatch. After a while he will relax into the hug and begin to purr but set him down and it's all over. You'll be as dead as Fred."

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