Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Plushinator!

Words cannot express how much I need this Octopus lamp from Lana "The Plushinator" Crooks! Really, I need everything in the shop, BUT ESPECIALLY THIS OCTOLAMP!!

However, I do realize that at this particular moment Sol may be a bit out of my reach, and really, I should probably try to be a little more practical. Soooo, after talking myself down, I did what I always do when I realize these things, which is, buy ice cream! AND, this time, for once, the ice cream will not be adding to my waistline! Woohoo! Thanks Plushinator!

SUPER IMPORTANT EXTRA: Right now through September third, if you use the coupon code RUN4PAWS you will receive 20% off at the shop, AND for every use of the code Lana "The Plushinator" Crooks will donate another 20% to her PAWS Chicago, Run For Their Lives goal! So go now, and buy an awesome creature for an awesome cause!

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