Monday, June 6, 2011

Hypnotic Creatures!

This is your Brain. This is your Brain on monsters! (Sorry, I couldn't help it!) Well, this is what I imagine MY brain looks like, at least! I'm still looking for prints of these, but if you've got the funds, some of these remarkable creatures by Yoko D' Holbachie are available at the Oh No!Doom Gallery, and for the rest of us, we can always "like" her on facebook OR as someone on her wall mentioned, get them tattooed on us! Think about how beautiful that would be, with the right artist! Unfortunately for me, just like the walls of my house, my skin is pretty much full, and unlike the walls in my house, I can't build any more! That is, until I splice a little starfish DNA into me! Now that is my brain on Yoko D' Holbachie's art!

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