Monday, June 13, 2011

Cybercraft Robots

As I have mentioned before, sometimes I just have to let the people I feature on the blog speak for themselves. Cybercraft Robots is one of those shops. I just could not explain what they do better, so here you go:

"Here at CyberCraft Robots, our Orbiting Laboratory enjoys a semisynchronous orbit, which allows us to examine your entire planet, every day. But we do not sit idly at the window, watching your lovely globe roll by. No indeed! We take advantage of our passage above your home orb, to scrutinize every estate sale (poor buggers), trash heap, bar mitzvah, and bingo parlor for Secret Robot Parts.

You may wonder, Secret Robot Parts? That is correct. All around you are objects that appear to be the ordinary detritus of daily life. Yet a small percentage of these objects are actually bits of unassembled Robot! Our mission at CyberCraft Robots is to covertly collect these seemingly mundane items, and reassemble them into the marvelous Robots they were intended to be.

Should you choose to provide a home for a CyberCraft Robot, you must understand that when in the presence of any human, the Robot must take the form of a Robot Sculpture. It is a one of a kind piece of fine art and must be treated as such. It is not a toy or an action figure. However, when no human is about, your Robot will continue to assist in our greater mission. So if small, shiny things begin to disappear from your home, do not be alarmed. Simply take pleasure in the wonder of knowing that you have been harboring Secret Robot Parts, and that they have now returned to their rightful purpose."

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