Thursday, May 26, 2011

PlushPlay Creatures!

I know you were wondering what I would buy if I had three hundred dollars. In fact, people ask me all the time "j-monster, what would you buy if you had three hundred dollars?" So I decided to put the question to rest once and for all!
This! This is what I would buy! A Miraculous needle felted snail friend from Mariangela Tan, aka PlushPlay! Mr. Snail is so exquisite (as is all her work!) that I could stare at him for hours! My three hundred dollar dream snail, is currently for sale at My Plastic Heart! Go see him, and all her other amazing creations here, here, and here! Oh! I almost forgot, you can also "like" PlushPlay on facebook. So you should probably go do that too...

P.S. Special thanks to the fantabulous hillyhill, who alerted me to PlushPlay's amazing art!

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