Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I found some new friends in our ionlylikemonsters in-box! Not only are they handsome, but they are also guaranteed to help you in very specific ways! They can be found at Joybots, and I'll let them explain how the magic works, from the shop description of my favorite, the Yes Bot:

"To activate, place your robot in a place where he can see you (desk, kitchen counter, etc.) for a day or two. Then when you need someone to agree with a decision you've made or reinforce a bad choice simply ask your robot. He'll agree with you no matter what..."

Now, nothing could be better than that for me, but you may want a different kind of Bot. Luckily, you have many flavors to choose from! They come in Joy, Mean, Time, Knitting, Yes, Love, Listening, Brave, and Caffeine! Go check them all out and see which one fits your lifestyle the best! I'll leave you with the description of my other "must-have":

"Each Caffeine Bot has been programmed to WAKE YOU UP!

To activate:
1. Allow your robot to get to know you by letting him watch you at your desk, kitchen, cubicle, or wherever you spend the most amount of time.
2. He’ll notice when you are feeling sluggish and sleepy, and bam! He’ll shower you with a jolt of energy to help you stay alert and awake (a robot jolt is equivalent to two damn good cups of coffee).
3. Take him with you for virtual caffeine on the go!"

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