Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weirdo Monsters!

Lately my friends and family have decided to have babies! After a lot of thought I determined that there is only one reasonable response to this: Monsters! I did some research, and I discovered that while it is true that all human babies need monsters, only some monsters are actually appropriate companions for your miniature human!

So, after learning what to look for, I went through my "Favorites" in search of the perfect "baby" monsters, and thus starts our new series: Monsters You May Get Inundated With, If You Know Me and Have Had or Will Soon Be Having a Baby (MYMGIWIYKMAHHOWSBHAB!) We begin our series with the wonderful Little Weirdos from Susarto! They seem completely baby friendly and THEY ARE WASHABLE!!! What more could you ask for! I know I'm pretty excited! If you are a new auntie or uncle, or are about to be one, you may want to get on over to Susarto now, before I send them all to my loved ones and completely fill up what little space they have left with monsters!

1 comment:

  1. Proud mamma here to one of Susartos lil zoombie weirdos. And I love her to bits!


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