Sunday, March 27, 2011

Toys in the Attic Monsters!

Good morning! Today I'd like to introduce you to
Bluto and Presto from Toys in the Attic. Now normally I would discuss my feelings about them with you (or ramble on about something irrelevant) but as you may have noticed, sometimes I just have to quote the shop description. Presto here is one of those situations, so here you go:

"Presto has strange and mysterious powers beyound earthly comprehension. You want him as a friend and not foe, because if he decides you got to go its curtains for you and your crew. When he's done with ya, yo mama won't even recognize you because he'll turn you into something gross like a fungus or a member of the Papparazzi; that's just how Presto rolls.

Presto's body was made from an ultra fuzzy black sock and is softer than a kitten's nose. His huge eyes were hand painted and glow in the dark to let suckas know he's watchin' them!"

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