Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Long Armed Yeti!

I was very excited when KailyntheNightOwl alerted me to a new breed of Yeti she discovered: the extremely elusive, Long Armed Yeti! I got a little nervous though, when I thought about armed Yeti's running around. I'm no gun control activist, but it just doesn't sound safe! Luckily, KailyntheNightOwl assuaged my fears, and let me know that these are not actually tall Yeti's who carry guns.

They are just Yeti's with extremely long appendages! Whew! I'm relived! Although, now that I look at them, I get the feeling they are a little disappointed about it...


  1. love!!! Frankenstitch Productions
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  2. Oh, the fluffy one is so cute! WANT!!!!


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