Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roland's Birthday Request for Monsters!

Today is Roland P. Fingermonster's birthday! As usual, he is very excited! I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he replied (yelled) that he wanted brothers! Well, since the original adoption agency where he came from appears to have gone out of business, we decided to ask the talented mad scientists/artists on Etsy to see what they could cobble together in their labs! We planned to get him several new brothers, but since he received some money for his birthday and has been saving up his allowance, he wants even more! Roland would like them to look like him but in each different artist's style and material.

His new family members will have their own permanent page here, with the artists' contact information, so that people viewing the brothers can get in touch with their creators, or maybe request a Roland Relative of their own! Hooray! If you are interested in helping Roland out and becoming famous (to us) in the process, please contact us at Here are some pictures from Roland's modeling days for you to use as guides! Oh! If you need more inspiration don't forget to read his story here!

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  1. Happy Birth Day RP FM! I am glad to have met you! Many more good days ahead!


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