Friday, January 21, 2011

Magical Monsters!

I was captivated by the enchanting beasts at Melissa Sue on Etsy (and her marvelous website!) but once I read her shop announcement, I knew I would have to post it here as well. It is just as intriguing and magical as the creatures she makes. Read on and be mesmerized...

The move across the ocean frightened all the tiny monsters
Their new home is strange - sleek and white
At night they peered out the giant windows, into a landscape of rocks and mountains
A few months pass, and now the monsters notice
The snow has melted
On the balcony flowers bloom, and rosemary sprawls
From the hills, through the open windows, comes the smell of the countryside
Deep lakes and dark forests
Wild animals
Worn cobblestones and ancient church bells
The wind from the mountains blows into the art studio
The monsters like it here
The creatures are coming back


  1. Haiku:

    So mesmerizing
    I am at a loss for words
    maybe magical?

  2. Haiku:

    I don't camouflage
    blue stripes and horns have I
    but I see you too

    And the artwork to go with the haiku (I got really excited about writing poetry):


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