Monday, January 24, 2011

Haiku Contest with Fabulous Prizes!

Roland had so much fun celebrating his birthday with you, that now he wants to "give back!" He suggested a haiku contest after he went to Pterodactyl Pants to shop, and fell in love with her monster haiku. He's been obsessed ever since!

So, ready to get your 5-7-5 on? Here's how to play:

Go through the blog, pick out a monster you like, write a haiku about it and put it in the comment section below that monster. (Make sure you leave your email info!) Alternately, if you want to make Roland's day, you can write a haiku about him and put it in the comment section on any page that features him!

Four winners will be chosen and will get to pick from these fabulous prizes:

1. Your choice of a print or a pouch (of my favorite design!) from Art by Marcia Furman!
2. An amazing Fluffosaurus by Scrumptious Delight!
3. A set of four (!) awesome posters by See Change Design!
4. A Glow-in-the-dark print of "The Leviathan" by Family Tree Design!

Ready, Set, GO!


  1. I'm pleased as punch by this contest! (I also adore Scrumptious Delight)

    here's a haiku, in the form of a letter from Roland to his new friend:

    Dear Fluffosaurus,
    Your fur coat is so scrumptious!
    May I borrow it?


    I did a Haiku for these guys.
    Thanks for the contest! I love your blog!


    This is the one I made a Haiku for.
    Great blog! Who doesn't love this adorable mosters?!

  4. Having eight digits
    makes haikus hard for Roland.
    (I can't enter, right?)

  5. Left my haiku under Jerk-zilla.


  6. Posted mine under Whimsicritter :-) Then I hugged him.

  7. Very excited about this contest! I hope I am not too late to enter.. :-(

    I left a haiku here:

  8. Couldn't help myself - I left another haiku here under the wonderful cryptozoology prints:



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