Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Protection Creatures!

I have to admit I feel pretty safe at home. After all, I have a houseful of monsters, two big black Chow Chows and a black catmonster for protection (and entertainment). BUT, what if you don't have the space, or time, for a crew like that? What do you do? Well, once again, we here at ionlylikemonsters have the answer! A Glum Ninja from Plushplex's Glum Ninja Covert Protection Force (GNCPF)!

Here is a quote from their brochure:
"Glum Ninjas C.P.F. is a covert protection force for people who want inconspicuous protection. They disguise themselves as run-of-the-mill stuffed animals and keep a watchful eye, waiting to spring into action at the first sign of danger."

Plushplex is a full service protection firm, if you don't need Covert Ninjas, and would rather make it known that you are protected by the finest bodyguards money can buy, they also have non-disguised Glum Ninjas. AND, for those of you who already have a dedicated contingent keeping you safe, Plushplex also has a sweet little Hamster crew, perfect for just hanging out and watching Iron Chef America!

Contact Plushplex's dedicated representatives now, and let them design a package of products and services that are right for you!


  1. Those are fabulous!! What a cute idea with the masks :)

  2. This is epically creative. It makes me laugh just thinking about them.

  3. The idea about this creatures are good.I like it so much.


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