Saturday, November 13, 2010

Knotpile Monsters!

This contemplative creature from Knotpile came to live with me recently, and I love him so much, I thought I should quit being selfish and share him with you. Looking at him made me think about something I recently read. The idea was, that to be happier, you should spend your money on experiences instead of things. I tend to agree, but, I would have to add that some things are experiences. Like art (or a great pair of kick-ass boots!) I believe in buying art. I save for it and I go online and look at it whenever I feel myself getting sucked into the "machine." What can you do with thirty dollars? Bring yourself an ongoing experience of happiness, that's what! Every time I look at this little guy in his peaceful forest, he calms me down and makes me smile, and THAT, my friends, is money well spent!

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