Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black Catmonster Party!

Our little Black Catmonster is home safe and sound, so let's celebrate with today's fine felines! First up, a cute smiling kitty from Violet Pie, followed by a beautiful mermaid with her own Catmonster from Original art and Goodies by Tascha. We also have a lovely kitty from Lowell and Son and another amazing print, this time from Sasho Art! The cute purple and black kitty is from Art T Dolls, and the last little guy is from Fing Toys. Yay! All Black Catmonsters all the time! (or at least 'till tomorrow!)


  1. wouldn't mermaid cat just want to eat it's own tail?

  2. Waw what a beautiful creature,fantastic.

  3. Love them all... but that Violet Pie one is a stroke of genius!


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