Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Vegetables (and Spider Pal!)

Zombie Tomato and Franken Carrot from Squirrel Momma like to hang out with their pal Hypnotic Spider a lot, so you should probably buy them all, just to keep them all together. Oh! I'm sorry, there I go, talking to myself again. You, on the other hand, should probably go to Squirrel Momma, read their hilarious stories and then check out what other fun creatures Squirrel Momma has created in her secret squirrel labs!

FYI: Yes, I do know that tomatoes are not actually vegetables, but you try coming up with a title! Actually, you should, they would probably be better! I just don't have the clever, funny, title thing going for me, so I should really outsource that part to Scatterbrian... If anyone out there ever comes up with good titles for these posts, please put them in the comments and if they are better then mine (which they inevitably will be) I'll change the title and credit you. Yay for collaboration!

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