Friday, September 24, 2010

Sock Monster Weekend!

I personally love sock monkeys and sock monsters but Roland is very wary of them. He can't get over the fact that they once were socks. He wonders:"Can any sock can suddenly become a sock monster? How can you tell? Should you be nice to all socks just in case?" It is a conundrum! Poor Roland, he's a very smart fingermonster, but he just can't figure it out. If you know the answer to his questions be sure to let us know! Until then, here are some sock monsters to enjoy while Roland ponders!

We begin with the wonderful (and brand new!) Thingummybobs from Odd Sox Rox! Next up, super-cute Penelope from Stufd, and lovely Darla from Addison Ave. We end today's sock monster fest with the charming Drew from Piccadilly Lily and handsome Brinton from Judy's Sock Critters! Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for more Sock Monster Madness!

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