Friday, September 3, 2010

Scatterbrian's Debut Post: Star Wars Creatures!

Greetings, fellow friends of creatures. Scatterbrian here, with my highly-anticipated* introductory creature post. Up until this point, I have remained behind the scenes, acting as consultant rather than blogger.....but my bloggin' participation was only a matter of time.

*This is likely limited to only one person, and her name rhymes with "ray-ronster"...

See, Roland is perched atop my TV, and he'd been taunting me since Day One. Heckling morphed into aggravation, and one night Roland greeted me with a simple, "Dude, I thought we were pals." That cut to the core. I had no idea those skinny rubbery arms of his could deliver such a painful gut-punch.

So Roland and I took to the interwebs in search of some new buddies*. After all, it is decreed that Roland is the arbiter of all creatures posted on ionlylikemonsters, so no sense in bringing anyone to the party without his endorsement. It didn't take long for Roland to provide a suggestion, knowing my tastes so well.

*Not that jmonster hasn't been up to the task....Roland just leads us down different paths from time to time.

With Lucy Ravenscar's patterns and some Jedi-like crocheting skills, you too can make these Star Wars Amigurumi. She's got 10 characters available, thankfully sticking to the original trilogy. That means if you buy the set of 10, you aren't getting nine cool ones plus a Jar-Jar Binks. Meesa thinks that's a swell deal.

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  1. I love these little guys. Hmmm, I wonder who scatterbrian is...


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