Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yeti Weekend Continues!

This beautiful Yeti is from Lucy Ravenscar and if you have hand-eye coordination and patience (sadly, I have neither) you can also buy a pattern to make one yourself! I will just have to buy him! The Yeti painting is from Pigdogonline . It is an original (acrylic on canvas). Thank heavens for Etsy! Imagine trying to find a Yeti painting without Etsy! How would you ever decorate? Life would be sad. But, as usual, I digress! So, onward! Our next Yeti friend is Betty the Yeti from Plants & Animals, and the oh so handy (and cute!) Yeti pocket mirror is from Scientific Culture.
What a great weekend! I'm sad it's over. Can anything ever top Yeti weekend? I don't know, but I've been told that Bigfoot/Sasquatch weekend is a possibility! So look out!

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  1. Yeti weekend was awesome!! I will be anxiously awaiting Bigfoot weekend!


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