Thursday, August 26, 2010

Horned Monsters!

These guys from Cutesy but not Cutesy might be trouble! I know, I know, they don't look like trouble, and you read their stories and they don't sound like trouble. What you don't understand is that number one, I live with Roland, and number two, these guys have that sweet face that I am such a sucker for. When you put those two things together, THAT SPELLS TROUBLE! Imagine the mischief Roland could create, sending these guys out to distract me with their innocent little faces. What happens when I catch them sneaking beer for him, how could I ever get mad? This may be too much for one human to handle. I'm going to have to consult with Cutesy but not Cutesy for advice, before I end up having to call the "Monster Whisperer" out to my home!

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