Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bunny Monsters!

Well, it appears the Zombie swarm has subsided (for now, I'm sure they will be back!) It was fun focusing on the "classic" monsters though, so I thought I'd continue today with a Vampire and a Yeti From Woolykins. I think you will notice that these guys have evolved a bit. Bunny monsters have become more and more common and I can only theorize that bunnies must be particularly susceptible to becoming monsters, and, you know how they breed... In fact, I'm surprised we are not completely overrun! Good thing they are cute, the Bunny Monster Apocalypse is probably looming!

You know, this Yeti bunny gives me an idea. Wait for it... Yes! Yeti Weekend! I can't say when, but keep your eyes peeled, 'cuz it's coming!

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